Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Go where Life pulls you.

How many of you had to PUSH yourself out of bed this morning? Or PUSHED yourself through traffic to go to a job where you PUSH your way through papers and guzzle coffee to PUSH you through the afternoon?

Or on the flip side, how many of you feel PULLED in every direction at once?

Life sures pushs and pulls a lot, don't it?

There are always going to be tons of forces all around you; each one trying to get you to go its way.

Well, do those forces control your life? Or do you control those forces?

Not sure what force to follow? Look around you and listen.

It'll be the one that calls out to you... not for its own attention... but for YOURS. It will speak to that deep-down part of you that KNOWS it's right. It'll be the force that connects you to your future.

Let that be the one that shows you the way... and take the next step.

And Keep the Light On!

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