Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't become so full of yourself that you can't become filled with yourself.

Being proud of yourself feels good doesn't it? That sense of accomplishment, that feeling of belonging; of rightness. It's just so stress-free and downright joyful.

It's great when it comes.

It stinks when we cling to it.

We wear it like armor when it's more like an old sweater. It won't protect us, and it won't last.

When we hold on to it longer than the moment, we miss the chance to do it again.

When we puff ourselves up with thoughts of superiority, we blind ourselves to opportunities that can make us so.

The key is to be true to ourselves, to do what we do best and just let Life in.

You're amazing... really, get to know that... just don't let that separate you from the amazingness of everyone else.

Keep that light on!

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I added myself to your follow list. Thanks. JAckie