Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life has a lot of limitations, but you don't have to choose any of them.

Boy, oh boy. It is so easy to fail, isn't it? It doesn't take much... if you can't look around for an excuse, you can always just make one up.

Like a tiny pin to a balloon... Your big hopes and dreams can be POPPED in an instance!

Sounds dreary, doesn't it?

But how many of us live in a word of pins?

But what happens to a balloon that never encounters a pin?

It soars, right?

A big enough balloon, with no pin, can even lift you up to the sky!

And so it is with our thoughts.

They're tiny too...

But they get between us and our dreams and make us believe that we can't fly; that we don't deserve the sky.

Simply don't choose thoughts that limit you.

Thoughts have no form, no right or wrong, until we squeeze them through our brains... until we judge them, and act upon them.

We either look within us, or outside of us, and conclude that we're just not big enough to get over it.

Well tell that to a balloon.

Keep your light up high,

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