Monday, May 16, 2011

Not every label needs to stick.

You know those tags that they stick on your chest whenever you're at some event? They have your name in bold, and sometimes what you do or where you're from. It's good for breaking the ice. Even though it labels you, you don't mind (unless you hate your name).

Other labels are pretty good too... Husband/Wife, Mother/Father, Friend/Lover... or maybe being labeled by what you do... Rocket Scientist, World Renown Chef or Bohemian Artist.

They're okay because we put those labels on ourselves.

What's not okay is when other people put labels on us; especially without permission.

Labels can help when they bring understanding... but they can be devastatingly damaging when they separate us from each other.

You don't need to let them stick though.

Realize that EVERYONE is an outsider to your life. You look different to them than you do to yourself. So the best they can ever give you is a well-intended, love-supported perspective from their point of view.

Their labels of you only helps them define who they think you are; not who you really are.

So take the labels that fit you... and help you fit into a wonderful Life. Everything else can just fall off.


Because you're wonderful!

But that's just my well-intended, love-supported point of view.

Keep the light on!

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Anonymous said...

It is also tragic when something or someone is reduced to the label, rather than appreciated and experienced for what they truly are.