Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Not everything can, or will, be changed; so create something new instead.

Once upon a time, typewriters, phonographs and horse-drawn carriages ruled the world. Back then many people believed it couldn't get better than that.

And for a while, they were right.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple and Ford didn't intend to replace them. Instead, they focused on meeting the same need in a completely new way.

If they could change the world in such a big way, just think how much easier it is for you to change just YOUR world.

You see, when you look at your life like 'this is it' and 'this is all I've got' and 'I can't change it'... and... and... and...

You end up limiting yourself to what IS instead of reaching out to what CAN BE.

So don't focus on yourself, or your circumstance, or the idea that this is as good as it gets. Go back to your basic needs, and look around for the needs of others and seek out entirely new ways to fulfill them.

PS If you think about all the other industries that sprung up from those new ideas, like online bookstores and travel companies and games for your cellphones... There's no telling what new things lie in store for you when you start fresh.

Back to the drawing tablet!

Keep the lightbulb on!

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Anonymous said...

Modern marketing would have us believe that new things are good because they DON'T contain things. "No artificial flavours!", "90% Fat-free" or "Sugar-free 1 calorie!". I guess some things are supposed to be good because they're nothing? :)