Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't get blinded by the present moment. It only looks bigger 'cause it's closer.

Have you ever looked at something in the distance, like a mountain, and then put your thumb up in front of your eye? It blocks the mountain, right? But if you ever compared sizes between your thumb and the mountain, the difference is pretty obvious.

It's the same thing with every moment in your life. The present moment always seems the biggest, intensifying the good, the bad and the ugly to ginormous proportions... to the point where we make decisions without having full sight of what lies beyond.

Take a step back when the moment gets too much... take the thumb away from your eyes, and look at the bigger picture. By keeping the distance in focus, you'll be able to keep your aim and your direction and not be distracted by the little things.

Thumbs up to you!


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