Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When you mistake YOUR truth for THE truth, you're not thinking BIG enough.

I saw this questions posed just the other day and I answered it as I had done to the many others who have posed it before them. The question was,

If there is only one Universal Truth, how come so many people have completely different perspectives?

I explained that the answer is simple... much simpler than you might think.

We're just looking at a portion of it from a single unique angle.

THE Truth is really, really big... and resides partially in the world that we can see, yet mostly in the world we cannot.

We see only 'visible' light, hear only a certain range of sounds... our five senses, however magical and mystical they are, automatically put us in a limited range of perception.

Add to that, the very angle from which we observe shapes our experience. Think of two people witnessing an accident... or think of how different a magic act would be if you saw it from backstage instead of from the front.

And so from the very start, the way we experience something is limited to whatever reaches us.

Once inside, those perceptions have to then travel through a whole series of beliefs in order to be understood. Think of two people having a heated discussion and you'll see how vastly different the same event is experienced.

Then add yet another layer on top of this... projection. We are beings who thrive on completion. Our understanding relies on us being able to complete the whole picture. If we can only see a portion of it, we fill in the blanks with our best guess. That's where faith often comes in (that can be faith in science just as much as it can be faith in some form of religion)

So you see, Truth is what it is... yet it's bigger than we are. It's big enough to include everyone else's opinion... and even bigger to embrace seeming contradictions.

The only problem that arises is when we assume that the truth that we know is the final answer... because from that point of view, all others are wrong... and those that hold those beliefs are bad... and that we are separate from one another.

So If you believe that you're alone and everyone else is alone... then we're all alike... in one giant group... which means we're not really alone, now are we?

Or it's the other way around.

And that's the truth!

Keep the light on!


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