Monday, May 17, 2010

'Where you came from' & 'Where you're going' make You who you are Today... Just as you make them what they are.

We come to understand ourselves through relationships. We see our 'Now' as it pertains to what came before and what we expect (hope) will come after. That connection to the past and the future can help us get a sense of continuity, a direction, a rightness of purpose. It can also help us to adjust our course whenever we veer from the line that connects our past and our desired future.

Yet where we come from and where we're headed are not just the leaders of our choices, they are also the followers. We decide what past to keep and what to forget and the future is waiting for our command... so while some choose to believe that we're all just victims of our situations and others choose to believe that we control every single blip of our existence... it's all one big cooperative plan. We need our past and future as much as they need us.

And the NOW is smack dab in the center of the past and the future... which is where you are... right here... right NOW.

Right ON!


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