Thursday, May 06, 2010

The up-trodden needs your help too

There are people in this world in desperate need of help.

When you think about who that might be, you often imagine someone disheveled, homeless, addicted, elderly or infirmed. You call them the 'downtrodden.'

While it's a divine gift to serve these poor souls, they're not the ones I'm referring to now.

There are millions, even billions, of others out there... who make enough money to keep a roof over their head, food in their stomachs and put their children into good schools... there are a lot of really good-looking people out there... and really smart people with incredible educations...

... and they need your help desperately.

Among them, despite all appearances, are those that are in great pain; they feel disconnected from life, with no real sense of belonging, or purpose.

Yet do you think about them very much?

If a beautiful person says that they can't find love, do you feel sorry for them?

If a millionaire, or a billionaire, talks about their struggles, do you reply with "I wish I had their problems!"

If so, then it's time for you to look deeper into your self, to see the root of your own prejudgments.

Everyone wants, and needs, love. They want to feel 'right'; they want to belong... and without that, they suffer.

Having beauty or wealth or smarts doesn't exempt them from feeling the bitter cold of darkness.

So don't save your charity for people that you are think are beneath you.

Everyone deserves the light...

YOUR light.

So shine on!!


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