Sunday, May 30, 2010

One of the biggest mistakes you could make would be trying to live without them.

The perfect answer to being perfect is that there are no perfect answers. One of the biggest (and most ironic) reasons why people fail is that they are afraid to fail. They might fear ridicule, or judgment; they might tie their self-worth into their ability to get something 'right' and then end up not even trying at all. All they're left with is a life of empty dreams and never-ending, never-fulfilled potential.

Mistakes are not only a part of Life, they're an integral part of the process. They help us define what works by showing us what does NOT work.

They also teach us patience and persistence and continually test us to make sure we still have our resolve. Success may not be assured through persistence, but failure is assured through quitting.

Remember the saying "fail forward fast" meaning get the mistakes done with as soon as possible. Getting a few really good mistakes over right away can save huge amounts of time later.

So don't fear them, revere them. Respect what they have to teach us.

Now go out and goof up... because the biggest success is waiting for you just beyond.

Keep the light on!


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