Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just 'cause someone agrees w/ you doesn't mean you're right; & just 'cause they disagree doesn't mean they're right either.

People like to be right... right? For the most part, people do... for many reasons. For some, it means validation; for others, love; and for still others, it at least means not having to backtrack and start over. That's why when we meet people of 'like minds' we're immediately attracted to one another. It feels comfortable, familiar... it just feels 'right'.

But just because someone agrees with your point of view, that doesn't make it any more 'real'. It just means you share common ideals. You could (theoretically) both be off track.

I'm not making this point to imply that you are 'wrong' by any means. I'm just bringing this up as a gentle reminder that all of life is perspective (even this sentence) and if we start to feel that we are 'right' we run the risk of believing that other people are 'wrong', or worse, 'less' than ourselves.

We also run the risk of easing up on our own growth, figuring that since we've already got all the answers, there's nothing else to look for.

Don't rob yourself of becoming a witness to your own Divinity, or the Divinity in others.

Life is too precious to worry about if it's right or not.

It's ALL RIGHT just the way it is.

And so are YOU.

But just remember, if you strive for everything to be ALL RIGHT, then you'll end up with NOTHING LEFT.

So I'm going now... and you can say that I ** LEFT ** you ** RIGHT ** where you started... somewhere securely in the ** MIDDLE ** of your Divine Life.

Keep the light on!



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