Monday, May 24, 2010

Negating the negative leaves you with nothing. Being positive is better than nothing.

It's not that you can't negate a negative. I just did. It's just that the best it will get you is nothing. Being positive is better than nothing.

When you negate a negative, like quitting smoking or drinking, you're left with a void. Without a replacement, it's often easier to just go back.

It's about doing something, not not-doing something.

The object is to turn the negated negative into its positive alternative. Instead of not smoking, become a non-smoker. Instead of losing weight, become your ideal weight. Both act the same, but who you are is vastly different.

Coming from that positive place, you have a goal, a vision, and outcome, already built in.You're not left in neutral, having to find something else to do. You'll not only be doing it, you'll be living it.

Now go out and be positive!!

Keep the light on!


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