Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Although They Look Alike At The Beginning, Never Confuse Charisma With Character

People love 'flashion'... The glitz and glamour that take your breath away and dream you were a 'better' person.

Admittedly, we like being impressed. If only for a little while, anyway.

We not only want the sparkle, we demand it... From our movie stars and politician and even some religious leaders. And it's all good, really. Charisma is attractive, even sexy sometimes... And if you've got IT, you've got it!


It isn't the whole picture.

It's as special as a great paint job on your house. Good to have... But it just doesn't reveal what goes on inside those walls.

Like any good gift, it's what's inside that matters. It's Character that drives us, dictates our actions; gets our results.

Charisma might move others, but Character moves us.

As you travel along your growth path, think about who your role models are. Are they dynamic, or dramatic? And think about what you want to achieve out of life... Just make an impression, or actually mold the future?

So go forth and have character, instead of just trying to be one.

Keep the light on!

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