Monday, January 10, 2011

Not living your Self fully is just plain self-ish.

I see SELF as "Seeing Everything Live Fully" ... with every aspect of your Being finding Expression and your Passions bringing you Fulfillment.

Yet how often do we replace joy with a job and triumphs with tribulations?

Do you really think you're given all these wonderful talents and dreams only to realize just a tiny portion of it?

Do you really want to live a life that's smaller than you are?

You see, the farther we get away from our Self Center, the more isolated we feel... and the more isolated we feel, the more we feel the need to grasp at everything on the outside as a means to feel complete.

That's what makes us self-ish.

It's not about wanting more, but rather about wanting to balance this deepening sense of less.

And it's that sense of less that gives us the mistaken impression that we're empty inside.

In fact, we feel "nothing" because we have no feelings about the outside that we're looking at. "Meaning" doesn't come from outside things. Outside things get their meaning from what we project from the Inside; from our Selves.

To get it back, all we have to do is turn our attention inward, beyond the silence, until we hear the tiny whisper of Self waiting to shout out.... to find that little light that will ignite the Fire of Fulfillment.

Living a little life is self-ish.

So become more Self-Centered...

And leave that light on!


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