Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Set your goals beyond what you CAN do, not beyond what you CAN'T

So many people have such lofty goals; and they're all so wonderful. That is, until you ask them what they're going to do to get there. All of a sudden, you get this barrage of Ifs and Can'ts and Buts.

Why do that to yourself?

Why torment yourself with this ideal of amazing achievements only to label it a 'dream' and live a 'reality' full of disappointment, shame and blame?

'Realistic' is anything you bring into Life. Those people who've accomplished really, really big stuff weren't 'lucky'... they just believed in their dreams and didn't let up until their life matched.

Do you know why they can have that life and you can't?

Because you're putting all this distance between you and your dreams... with impossibilities and doubts. Instead of having goals in line with what you're good at, and passionate about, you put it behind everything you're NOT.

And you wonder why your dreams are NOT?

It's the new year... the time we look back at what we've done, and look forward with hope and expectations for a better year. Don't waste your time and effort on shoulda's and coulda's that you just know you're not going to finish.

Focus on what you CAN do... express all that you're good at.

You CAN achieve anything and everything you want... providing it's on the end of the right road.

Happy, successful journey to you.

Keep the light on!

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