Thursday, January 06, 2011

Give Till it Works...

You all know the saying "Give and you shall receive" but how many of you actually know how that works? Or even believe that it does?

It has to do with Balance.

The Universe lives for that stuff.

Whenever it's not busy creating complete chaos, it's working overtime to balance it all out. Kind of like the ocean tides... in... out... high... low... lather... rinse... repeat.

Whenever something is taken from one place, it leaves a void... and that void has to be filled back up. It has to keep moving in order to 'live'.

When all you do is take, the void will often suck back the energy that you took. It won't be in the same form, but it will have the same value. This goes by a number of names... Cause & Effect... Karma... y'know.

Now the fun part is that the reverse balance is also true.

When you give, you also create a void... and that void must be filled with the same value that goes out.

You starting to catch my drift here?

Life rewards VALUE.

Just think about all the things you buy at the store... aren't you drawn to it because of its VALUE to you?

Value is Attractive.

So all this talk about goal setting and visualization are great, but they're just kindling. You ignite the fire by lighting up your VALUE.

Giving off that heat is what works.

So if you haven't been getting all you want in life, don't look around for what you can get... or hold on tight to what you have left... look around for what you can GIVE.

Do that, and you will definitely...

Keep that light on!


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