Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King dreamt when people will be judged by character. I dream when people of character no longer judge.

Martin Luther King Jr wasn't blind to the chaotic world around him, but he chose to look beyond it, with hopeful eyes; believing that one day would be better.

As we look back today, some will think that we've made great progress; others will say it's not enough; while still others will complain we've gotten worse.

And they'd all be right (and maybe a little bit wrong too).

Just the other day my mother remarked about how things were better in the 1970's and I reminded her that her opinion back then didn't agree (cause back then, the 50's were much better).

Ah, the joys of a selective memory!

And yet, if you ask around today, we're either on the verge of a Great Illumination or a Great Annihilation.

You'd probably be right (and wrong) about that too.

In many ways the world hasn't changed at all; it's just has better coverage. Imagine the Nightly News with Attila the Hun coming over the hill or Dancing with the Saxons. What changes most is our perception of the world around us.

What you focus on, you will see. What you let in, you will experience.

It really is about you.

Do you want to see the world as a fearful, hate-driven catastrophy? You can find it. But would you rather see it as a loving, fascinating, joyous place to grow? You can find that too.

It's not about denying that bad things happen. It's believing that we can become better, in order to deny it from happening again.

To change the whole world takes time; to change your world only takes a moment.

So take that moment.

Keep the light on!


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