Friday, January 14, 2011

Winners do quit... They quit procrastinating, blaming others and making excuses.

I always liked the saying "Winners never quit and quitters never win" in context, because it encourages tenacity, persistence and a whole slew of other big words... but then when I've gotten to think about it, I realized that winners DO quit.. they just make better choices.

Quitters quit doing stuff because "It's hard" or "Too much work" or "They won't let me" (whoever those meanies are).

Winners just quit thinking that those are reasons to quit.

Guess what... it IS hard. Life IS unfair. There ARE people trying to stop you and the ARE tons of other people who don't want to help you.


Guess what... it's also POSSIBLE to go to the moon, and climb the highest mountain and cure the "incurable" diseases. It's possible to find the love of your life in your final days. It's possible to do the very thing everyone else is telling you cannot be done.

Even though it's hard, and unfair, and a lonely uphill battle at times.

Yuppers. That too.

And guess what... it looks a lot easier to do once it's done.

So you have to decide WHAT you're going to quit...

Quit trying?

Quit dreaming altogether?

Or quit thinking that it can't be done?

Or quit thinking that you're not enough?

Or quit thinking that other people deserve it more than you do?

Just quit quitting already!!!

Keep the light on!


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