Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not everything's going to go as planned. So plan on it.

One of the biggest threats to success is sticking to the plan over the purpose. Plans are great for starting off, and for staying on track, but it's really the route, not the road. There are going to be bumps and detours along the way, that you simply can't plan for. However there ARE things you can plan to bring with you, so that you can handle anything that comes up along the way.

Plan on Focus
Things really go awry when you forget why you're doing this in the first place. All it takes is looking where you're at instead of looking at where you're going... And you'll be lost in no time! So no matter how crazy everything seems at the moment, keep looking at the end goal.

Plan on Determination
Throw in a pinch of disappointment and your dreams can burst like a balloon. Don't just reaffirm what you want, reaffirm your commitment to getting there.

Plan on Flexibility
You can't make it around the bend in the road if you insist on going straight. Staying loose and willing to try new things opens more roads toward your destination.

Plan on Patience
Everything's going to take its time, regardless if you're calm or crazy. Accepting that won't necessarily change the outcome, but it certainly will change your experience getting to it.

Plan on Fun
Laughter has the same power of Release as crying, except without the anxiety. Seeing the humor in every situation actually WILL change the outcome because you won't be making all your decisions based on fear and frustration.

Plan on Learning
Life isn't just about expression, it's also about experience. So don't just get to your destination. Arrive there a better person.

Keep the light on!

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