Thursday, June 03, 2010

Different isn't always better, but Better is always different.

You've heard the saying before... "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results." Yet that never stops us from trying just one... more... time... right?

We do the same thing because it's the easiest thing for us to do. It's automatic, it's habit, it's comfortable... and when we end up with the same results, we probably go through the same round of feelings, wondering when are things ever going to change.

When we do something different, right?


"Different" is just that, different. You can exchange your dollar for quarters, dimes, nickels or quarters, but it's never going to be worth more than a dollar.

If you truly want your results, and hence your life, to be better, then you need more that 'different' you need to be BETTER.

You need to BE better. Learn more so you can do more. Do what you do just a little bit better than you did it before. Care more, so that everything you do is worth more. If you simply cannot, then enlist the help of those that do it better than you do, so that what gets done, is done better.

To get a higher standard of living, live to a higher standard.

Don't just keep the light on... make it brighter,

Wishing you all the BEST,

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