Monday, June 21, 2010

Lower your standard for happiness to include everything.

You ever play the game "If Only"? You know, "If only I had a better job/more money/someone to love/fill in the blank..." While it's nice to dream... (in fact, it's the first step to achieving it)... it's not good if it stops you from enjoying what you DO have.

Most of your life is going to be filled with the little things.

Notice I didn't say "minor things"... I said, "little things"... HUGE different.

A hamburger is just as good as a Filet Mignon and an economy car is just as good as a luxury vehicle IF you enjoy it. In fact they are BETTER, if all you have is a hamburger in your economy car and not your filet in the luxury car.

This is what the saying "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" is all about. What you DO have is much more valuable and much more enjoyable than what you DON'T have.

So while it's still important to keep growing and keep going on your path of improvement, lower the level of what makes you happy. Make it so that EVERYTHING makes you happy. Really enjoy that meal, and that job, and the people around you... everything, everything, everything. That makes it's easier to get happy, be happy and make happy.

Have a happy day!

PS You make me happy :-)

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