Thursday, June 10, 2010

'Perfect' is not to be, but to 'Be' is perfect.

The 'problem' with "Perfection" is that it changes every time... because Life changes every moment. There are 'right times' and 'right actions' and occasionally those two come together, but all too often, we strive to be "Perfect" all the while keeping that at an unreachable length away.

I'm going to give away a giant secret now...

You're already Perfect... just the way you are.

Sure, you've got lessons to learn, and dreams still unborn; and you don't always say the right thing or know what to do in an awkward moment... that's all part of Life. It's MEANT to be that way.

"Perfect" is an end result, an achievement, and therefore it's finite. Life isn't. Life in Infinite. YOU are infinite.

So stop trying to be something that stops. Instead, rise to every occasion, do the best you can whenever you can. Just BE.

Live, Learn and Love. It's perfect, so you don't have to be.

Keep the light on!

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