Monday, June 14, 2010

You CAN change the past... by making today worth it.

There's a big movement to put the past behind us. It's over, after all, so why bring it back up,

right? Because there's so much more than just a threat to repeat it, if we forget it.

We lived the past for a reason. Not just to put it behind us. It was there to teach us, to

nurture us and to make us who we are today. To leave it back in time robs us of so much of its


The past is very much alive, in the choices we make and the experiences that we share. And it's

alive not just because we're still alive now, but because our past changes just as much as our

future does.

Something seemingly insignificant can suddenly pop into importance, or an old friend's name can

suddenly disappear from our tongues. It doesn't matter what happened in our past; what matters is

what we do with it right now.

And a even greater truth is not that we are doomed to repeat forgotten pasts, but rather we are

doomed to repeat pasts that are remember the same way over and over again. Remember, hindsight is

20/20, so don't be afraid to look back with new eyes. See the past differently than you did

before and you will not only change that past, you'll change your present and your future as


Here's lookin' at you, kid!

Keep the light on!

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