Sunday, June 20, 2010

If you really want to impress other people, show them how great THEY are.

Do you know why people like to look up to other people? Not because they like the qualities of the person, but because they want to be LIKE that person. They don't necessarily want to BE that person, just have that one or two qualities that the other person has. So that's definitely a reason for you to be your best, so that others will want those qualities for themselves.

But do you really want to know a better way to get them to be impressed by you? Show them just how totally beautiful, smart, funny, caring, dynamic, divine, and incredibly unique THEY are.

You see, people want YOUR qualities because they think it would make them feel better if they had it. Yet, if they realized that they have admirable qualities too, then they wouldn't have to look outside themselves for something to make them feel better.

Of all the qualities you could cultivate to make yourself look better, the best one is becoming the shiniest mirror you can be.

Keep the light on!

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