Friday, June 04, 2010

A Winner can lose and a Loser can win. It's what they do about it that makes all the difference.

Everybody wins, and loses, sometimes.

Both Winner and Loser can tell you their tale of woe. The Loser will gain your sympathy when they explain how it stopped them. The Winner, however, will earn your admiration when they explain how their woe inspired them to go on.

They can also share with you stories of their successes, one explaining how fleeting it can be, the other telling you how it can be duplicated.

You see, such is life. No one is immune to failure, disappointment and setbacks... just as no one has more rights to happiness and grand success than any other.

No matter what is handed to you in life, success is ultimately earned.

It doesn't matter where you've started... it matters where you finish.

It matters what you do along the way... how you handle each twist and turn... and how you experience what you see... and how many lives you touch along the many stops.

A Winner wins every moment, regardless of the circumstance.

Keep the light on!


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