Saturday, June 19, 2010

Live Life like a baker that kneads bread rather than a beggar that needs bread.

Life owes you nothing, yet offers you everything. The only thing that keeps you from it is not what you have or don't have, but rather what you think of yourself.

You act according to your nature. You do what comes naturally. It's just that what feels "natural" and what is your true nature don't often match. Years of negative conditioning has gotten you all doubtful, fearful or cynical and now it just feels like you're the victim, or you're in competition for a limited supply or just plain undeserving of all life's riches.

Get over yourself.

There IS an unlimited supply out there, providing we give back from what we receive. A baker sees a world full of flour, water and eggs and gives back bread. A beggar sees a world of only so much bread and begs the world to give it up.

Both are right, but one of them has the secret to abundance.

So how do you see yourself, and the world around you?

I'm begging you to be the baker ;-)

Keep the light on!

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