Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Want more time in your day? Deepen every moment.

Do you remember when you were younger and had nothing to do, how sloooooooow time seemed to move? And you ever notice that the more you have to do now, the faster time seems to go? There was the same amount per day then as it is now. Time didn't really change...

Or did it?

On the surface, there is the same amount of time each day... and that's what you get, when that's all you see.

Yet Time is a funny thing really, each moment itself is more than what we see. Each moment has an amazing depth to it. The deeper you sink into it, the more it slows down. It's like walking through mud, rather than a hard surface.

Although deep moments are much richer than walking through mud (maybe it's more like walking through fudge).

The fastest and easiest way to deepen your moments is to let more in; experience things you normally wouldn't. Take in the sights and sounds around you. Let yourself feel more emotions. Put more effort into something than you've done before.

Another way to deepen a moment is to carefully choose your multi-task. If you try to do too many big things at the same time, you end up splitting the moment; thus getting LESS time. Yet by mixing the momentous with the mundane, you can get more out of the moment. For example, I write in my notebook while waiting in lines at the supermarket or listen to motivations CDs while in my car.

So realize that you have more time than you realize. The more you fill up each moment, the more full-filled you'll become.

Keep the light on!

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